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Message from Managing Director

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Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

Manab Kalyan Savings & Credit Co-operative Limited is one of the best financial institutions permitted by the government of Nepal under Co-operative Act-2048 to have the certain financial transactions in the communities to uplift their socioeconomic standard. It designs and implements the practical projects to address the need and interest of the members and our group with communities. Apart from financial assistance, it has significantly contributed in social and economic sectors of the targeted areas by bringing various non-profitable programs such as health awareness camps, female empowerment programs, social and environmental programs.
As a Managing Director, I am committed to lead the institution with the help of the board of directors, members, and management team by legislating the financial and non-financial projects and programs under the directive principles of concern departments and Organization with international principles and values of co-operatives to frame good governance that results in self-motivation, productivity of staff, public participation, unbiased and transparent services to every walks of life. We ever encourage the marginalized people by collecting their scattered wealth and making a lump some money. The can later either request additional loans and promote their business or they can withdraw the collected savings to fulfill their basic needs.
At last, though it is very hard to extend the outreach networks up to optimum level in practical way, however, we are committed with team spirit to provide excellent and sound financial services to every member.

- Surya Bahadur Ghimire

जोगाऔं थोपा थोपा गरेर, निकालौं घैला भरेर….